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Lost in Zombieville Teaser (2005). . . . .Lead Zombie
Lucida/Obscura (2005). . . . .Robert
Journey of the Damned (2005). . . . .Himself / Steve Perry, former lead singer of Journey.
Prognosis (2005). . . . .Kalen the Evil Angel
Genre Lingerie: Fatal Exhibition
(2004). . . . .Humanoid
Operation Nihilistic Hailstorm (2004). . .
. .Kalen the Evil Angel
The Great Tower Incident (2004). . . .Bob
The Solicitor (2003 ). . . .the Solicitor
Hard Solicitation (2003). . . .guy on phone
Anniversary (2003). . . .extra in classroom

Lucida/Obscura (2005). (Co-writer)

Full name
Adam James Burgett

February 12, 1983 @ Chico, California

Movie making, drawing, music, engineering, computer graphics, philosophy/theology

Dream job

Preferred Method of Execution
Firing Squad

Artistic Influences
My home town and a childhood of watching '80's cartoons and contemporary movies on HBO.


Movies: 1.Schindler's List 2.Marry Poppins 3.Unbreakable
Director: Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton
Actors: Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart, Kurt Russell, Nicholas Cage, Leelee Sobieski ;-)
Band: The Smashing Pumpkins
TV show: The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Book: 1984
Drink: Leaded - The many faces of beer Unleaded - Iced Latte

Most Detested...

Movie: Hollowman
Director: Paul Verhoven
Actor: Steven Segall

Favorite quote
"My life has been extraordinary. Blessed and cursed and won."
-Billy Corgan (SP)

"The answers are getting harder and harder, and there ain't no way to bargain or to barter, but if you've got the angst or you've got the ardour, you might faint from the fight but you're gonna find it, for every challenge could have paradise behind it. If you accept what you have lost and you stand tall, you might just get it back and you could get it all. So now you know why it's a long way to fall. Yeah, 'cause it's a long way to fall." -John Popper (Blues Traveler)

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AIM screen name: Marvin Mahogony