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This is a complete list of all movies produced by Nerstone Pictures. Most of what you see here is reflected in the Nerstone Pictures 80th Mensiversary DVD collection, though some of the earlier movies have been lost and are no longer available anywhere.



Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk, A Documentary

Cheer Up, Emo-Bot

"As Icarus Fell" Music Video

Robotmedia Davis VI Intro


Sleepless on Sycamore


"Champagne" Music Video


Light and Fire, a.k.a. An Experimental Piece

The Sun God


The Faketrix

Operation: Genesis

MacBeth 2037

Carraterra '76 CLIP FEATURE

Super Morning Ultra Talkshow


"Pepper" Music Video

Hidden Secrets, Lies, Fiction and Other Things that Aren't True

"Mi Vida Reflexiva" Music Video

Camp Lassen: A Collection of Memories

Two Guys, a TV and a VCR

See, Hear and Speak

Night of the Nija Slayers

Misplaced and Modified


Something Cool

Second Chance to Find More

Epilepsy: A Nerstone Pictures Documentary


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