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Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk, A Documentary is the long awaited follow up to 1999's Night of the Nija Slayers. It was made to satisfy the themes of Robotmedia Showcase X, "Great Expectations" and "A Day in the Life Of...". The movie starts black and white, following a Soldier of Fortune and a Ninja Master about their daily routines documentary style, then switches to color and widescreen for the final battle scene.

The movie relies somewhat on the audience's basic understanding of the nature of Ninjas and Soldiers of Fortune in the Nija Slayers universe. Watching Night of the Nija Slayers first is recommended.

The movie premiered at Robotmedia Davis Showcase X on November 26, 2004. Much of the verbal humor seemed lost on most of the audience, though the visual humor (bullets to the face, etc.) scored more points. Subsequent screenings to smaller audiences have generated a better response.

Filming took place over a number of trying days in early November. This marked the first Nerstone movie made entirely by Adam and Mike, with no involvement from Matt. This lack of manpower and broken energy flow is largely blamed for the difficulties and compromises of the filming process. Although the short winter days and poor weather had as much to do with it. Half of the movie was shot in Los Molinos and the other half in Davis.

The editing process pushed geographical limitations, with Adam and Mike on opposite ends of a 140 mile stretch of highway. Adam sent daily screening mpegs to Mike for input and Mike fished for music and sound effects on the other side. Though fine tuning the product cooperatively was nearly impossible.

A few changes are expected regarding audio levels before the movie is released on the Nerstone Pictures Mensiversary DVD.