Night of the Nija Slayers

A Nerstone Pictures Original Movie

Starring and Directed By Mike Harris and Adam Burgett. Edited by Matthew Dolan.

"Your stick style was very good, but it was no match for my Flying Iron style!"

You just have to love this movie. It is the stupidest thing you have ever seen, but intentionaly so. The movie is actually about a Ninja Slayer on the search for the mystic Kui Lynn ninja, but that is of les importance than the way it was made. First of all, the entire movie is synchro dubbed in the style of the old Japanese movies that became translated to English. Everything is about ten times overacted and ten times overdone. Durring the course of the two and a half minute actual movie time, Mike fires 122 bullets from two different guns, and hits me with 90 of them. There was no real script. We filmed it all at about 10:00PM under the glow of a streetlight and made it up as we went along. We figured out the dialogue later. The interesting thing is that Mike does my voice and I do his. The whole thing is just so corney you have to laugh. With or at, I suppose, is a matter of opinion.

Mike goes ballistic!I am a soldier of fortune...

Above we see Mike capping my ass into pulp, and Mike as the Soldier of Fortune, with his groovy lantern.

Now you will DIE!!!!I have no brain of my own!

Here we see Mike warning me of my impending doom, and me as the mystic Kui Lynn Ninja.
Q: Is Night of the Nija Slayers a typographical error?

A: Yes.

When we were making our opening sequence, we intended to type Ninja Slayers, but I missed the n key. We didn't pick up on our mistake until after it was printed to video. We decided that it made the movie all the more corney and stupid, so we left it as Nija Slayers.

The Basic Idea

In Night of the Nija Slayers, Mike Harris plays The Soldier of Fortune, who goes in search of the mystic Kui Lynn Ninja (Adam Burgett). When they confront each other, Adam demonstrates his really crappy fake ninja skills. Mike gets fed up with this and fires a machine gun at Adam. He deflects the bullets with his staff. Mike then compliments Adam's skills before he pulls out two pistols and spends the next minute shooting Adam 90 times in the most comical shooting scene you have ever watched.

Download a clip of Adam demonstrating his very bad ninja skills.

Download a clip of Mike speaking to Adam after seeing his demonstration.

This is a genuine (and perhaps best example of) Nerstone Shooter movie.