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One of the quintessential movies of the Nerstone catalogue, Night of the Nija Slayers was made one dark June night in 1999. It stars Mike Harris as the Soldier of Fortune and Adam Burgett as the Kui Lynn Ninja.

The movie is synchro-dubbed, with Adam providing the voice for Mike's character and vise- versa. The script, in fact, was not written until after the movie was filmed, when Matt, Adam and Mike came up with dialogue to fit the impromptu action scenes.

This movie lead to the five year campaign to produce a Nija Slayers follow up. Failed attempts include Night of the Nija Slayers II, Nija Slayers Wasteland, Nija Slayers Winter, and most notably, the infamous Nija Slayers 2000. Success was finally achieved in November 2004 with the release of Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk.

Over the years, Nija Slayers developed from a short, simple movie into a complex fictitious universe upon which multiple scripts were based. Influence was drawn largely from Star Wars and The Matrix. Nija Slayers 2000 was originally intended as a parody of both, as well as other popular movies, including Mortal Kombat. After numerous rewrites, however, the movie took on its own unique mythology with nods to many sources, and was no longer a parody of anything.

It should be made clear that Night of the Nija Slayers was created before Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, and before synchro-dubbed amateur movies became a huge cliche. Perhaps an amateur film historian would argue this point, but Nerstone Pictures holds that it was on the cutting edge of the pop "ninja" craze.

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