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The Vina Plains, August 2005.



Carraterra '76 and the Nija Slayers FD2D
3/31/2006 - After a million years of waiting, Carraterra '76 is up on the web, available to the general public. So is Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk. Of course if you want our simultaneously self-deprecating and self-congratulating commentary track, you'll have to get the DVD which is also, finally, available.

Watch Caraterra '76 here.

And Nija Slayers here.

Site Changes
2/15/2006 - The site is being made over in line with Nerstone's recently re-evaluated position and purpose in our lives. It's being shaken and torched, and whatever doesn't fall off or burn up will remain.

Expect a smaller, more compact site with fewer bullshit distractions and posturing.

While you wait, watch this (about 33 megs).

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