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Adam Burgett plays a Humanoid -- an asexual half human machine in Matt Brewbaker's latest work.

Mike Harris as the Ninja Master
Mike Harris as Wasabi Mitsurugi, the Ninja Master in Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk.

The Villains
The ONH bad guys... a wizard, a scientist, a supervillain, an angel, a devil and Overlord Cross.

The Nerstone Household... with Majesty!

Adam and Matt bestow light upon the NSP loft.

The fridge is stocked with essentials.


Site Changes
7/28/2005 - The site may be acting funny for the next couple of weeks while I update the layout with SSI. Sorry, frames, your beauty cannot make up for your problems.

Episode 7 Shoots Tomorrow
2/11/2005 - Filming of Episode 7 of James Mah's 13 episode series Operation Nihilistic Hailstorm (O.N.H.) begins tomorrow at 10am. Adam is directing.

Fatal Exhibition debuts today
12/13/2004 - Matt Brewbaker's latest work, a genre lingerie commercial for Drama-160, debuted this morning at 8am. The sci-fi themed commercial features Adam playing a small role as an asexual, half human machine who beeps to his comrades.

Night of the Nija slayers available for download
12/10/2004 - 1999's Night of the Nija Slayers is now online and available to the public. Comes complete with a new info page.

Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk. A Documentary
12/6/2004 - After more than five years, Nerstone has finally created a follow up to Night of the Nija Slayers. Nija Slayers: From Dawn to Dusk, A Documentary made its debut at Robotmedia Davis X on November 26, 2004. The movie stars Mike Harris, reprising his role as the Soldier of Fortune, and also playing the roll of the Ninja Master. It follows a day in the life of the S.O.F. and the Ninja Master, culminating in an epic battle between the two. It was made to fit the themes of Showcase X, "A Day in the Life Of..." and "Great Expectations". Much of the verbal humor seemed lost on the Robotmedia audience, but subsequent showings to smaller audiences have generated a much more positive response.
The movie is scheduled to be released on DVD as part of the Nerstone Pictures Nth Mensiversary Collection.

Rough Cut
8/10/2004 - Well you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but Mike has a new Rough Cut up and ready for public consumption. Episode 2. Take with plenty of water.

ONH and DVDs
8/7/2004 - I acted in my first scenes for Operation Nihilistic Hailstorm yesterday, playing Kalen the Evil Angel. Alongside a Devil, a Wizard, a Scientist and a Supervillain, we were quite a sight to see on campus at 11pm. Pics soon... maybe?
In other news, I've started work on the long awaited Nerstone Pictures 75th Mensiversary Ultimate Special Edition Boxed Set (working title). It should be available by the end of the month, as August is the 75th Mensiversary of Nerstone's founding. We've been around that long.

Robotmedia IX Intro
5/7/2004 - The 9th Robotmedia Davis showcase, and last of the 03-04 school year, took place on Saturday. Not too much to say about it, but check out the intro I made for it here.

Albums and Rough Cut
5/18/2004 - I tried to make an easy upload photo album with Gallery Project software, but it didn't work and I'm not feeling too motivated to make it work. If I were uploading hundreds of photos it might be worth it, but as is, I think I can live with laying them out by hand. They should be up soon(ish).
For your immediate pleasure, I give you Mike Harris and The Rough Cut, his monthly (read annually) column on movies and the price of tea in England.

Robotmedia Davis VIII
4/24/2004 - Robotmedia Davis Showcase VIII took place today at 8pm in Chem 194, and the Emo-bot intro/interlude/finale project made its debut to a very positive audience reaction. It was one of those sorta Nerstone, sorta not projects, but it's being counted as a Nerstone project since NSP would seem pretty dead otherwise. Visit the info page and download that shiz.

Sleepless on Sycamore Info Page
3/22/2004 - The Sleepless on Sycamore info page is up with stills, storyboards and other good stuff. And of course, you can download the movie. Click here.

Icarus complete? Holy shite!
3/7/2004 - After nearly a year, the Icarus music video is finished. It premiered at Robotmedia Davis VII to an "ehh" reaction from the crowd, but it's a hardcore performance video and not much happens, so what can you expect.
Click here to watch it. It's best when you turn your speakers up loud and sit close to the moniter.
-Added 3/19/04. As Icarus Fell info page.

2/20/2004 - Nerstone Pictures finally has its own domain! And a new web host. It also sports a new look for this momentous occasion, although it is still under construction. So nothing really works here, yet. You can still visit the old page at www.snowcrest.net/larris/nerstonepictures, which will be up until all content is updated to this site.
We purchased the hosting package and domain from lunarpages a couple days ago. With this plan, we have 800 megabytes of space and 40 gigs of transfer per month. So we have plenty of space for uploading more movies.

Ace's Roadbook
9/17/2003 - The Nerstone Pictures Livejournal is now open for public viewing. Only one entry so far, but it should be fun and interesting soon.
In other news, we should be getting nerstonepictures.com very soon. Snowcrest's ftp is pissing me off, and I'm sick of dealing with it.

Sixty Days of Silence
9/13/2003 - Time for an update. The NSP website has been a little dead the past two months, mostly due to the great migration from south Sycamore to the far-away land of North Sycamore! We are displeased to report that Icarus has not been touched since July, though with the new base of operations to be fully functional within a week or so, editing shall begin again shortly.
Also, nerstonepictures.com may soon be a reality. At the moment, the only thing standing in the way of this long awaited maturation is the lack of DSL in the Nerstone household. For some reason, it has taken SBC two weeks to transfer the account from our previous address. Nerstone encourages anyone with the necessary capital to start competing with these lops for the DSL market immediately.
The new domain will feature a new site design (which is going to be a pain in the ass to make, but I'm feeling supernaturally compelled to do it), as well as expanded webspace to host more movies.

System Back Online
7/11/2003 - Early this month, the Nerstone Editing Machine had to be reformatted. A massive file transfer effort began to preserve the Icarus files. Fortunately, the efforts were successful, and all 20 Gigabytes were restored on the clean, now NTFS drive. This was followed by a time consuming reinstallation of all necessary software. Editing of Icarus now resumes.


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